Herb Stricker founded the Superb Wrench company in 2009 when he came home from a long day of work and found his water softener filters needed to be changed. Herb disliked changing his filters and knew there was a battle ahead of him. Fighting to take off the housing, he pushed and pulled with his plastic wrench. Snap! The plastic wrench broke. Then he had to go out and buy another plastic wrench, and sure enough that one broke too. Herb had enough. He took the broken wrench to his fabrication shop and traced out the wrench. He put the dimensions to the cad, and sent the cad file to the laser. He laser cut two 7 gauge metal filter housing wrenches that same night, and with ease successfully replaced his filter.

Herb took the new wrenches to where he bought his water system. He showed the Superb Wrench to the water technician and before he can say anything about it the technician said, “I will take 20 of these wrenches.”

Today we manufacture over 20 different Superb Wrenches to fit most housing units. We pride ourselves in our commitment to manufacture high quality products for the water industry. In addition to our wrenches we produce custom brackets and have the ability to customize new designs as needed. We strive for excellence in customer service and know the Superb Wrench is…

The Last Wrench You Will Ever Buy!


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